Essays in Medieval Studies, Volume 2

Mark D. Johnston and Samuel M. Riley

Online Editor
Allen J. Frantzen
Editorial Assistant
Christina M. Heckman


Essays in Medieval Studies: Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association (ISSN 1043-2213) is published annually by the Illinois Medieval Association and publishes only papers presented at that year's annual meeting.

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The second annual meeting of the Illinois Medieval Association, held under the auspices of Illinois State University on February 23, 1985, met at Ewing Manor in Bloomington.

Officers present were

Roberta Bux Bosse, President;
Mark Johnston, Vice President;
Robert Kindrick, Executive Secretary;
and David Wagner and Norman Hinton, Advisory Board Members.

Officers elected for 1986 are

Mark Johnston, President
David Wagner, Vice President
Robert Kindrick, Executive Secretary
Norman Hinton, Advisor, and Richard Clement, Advisor.

The meeting comprised 12 sections, for a total of 25 papers and a performance of a scene from The Second Shepherds' Play. Special features included medieval music played and sung by members of the ISU Music Department under the direction of Paul Borg; a display of 10th- to 15th-century manuscripts from the Rare Book Room of the University of Illinois Library; and sales exhibits of Recent Titles in Medieval Studies by Scholar's Choice, English Relief Sculpture Rubbings by Wonderlin Galleries, Ltd., of Bloomington, and Handmade Prints from Woodcut Illustrations by Marque de Martin of Solsberry, Indiana. The ISU Art Department's Professor William Archer and undergraduate artist Robert J. Pripish deserve special thanks for the signs, banners, and arras that contributed so significantly to the medieval ambience of the conference.

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We are also deeply indebted to our guest lecturer, Professor Richard H. Rouse of UCLA, for his splendid presentation, "Book Production in Thirteenth-Century Paris."

Our deepest gratitude goes to the administrative personnel of Illinois State University who contributed so generously to the success of the conference: President Lloyd Watkins; Provost David A. Strand; and Assistant Provost Anita Webb-Lupo; Fred M. Peterson, University Librarian; Dean of the Graduate School Charles A. White; Edward Anderson, Dean of the College of Continuing Education; Charles W. Bolen, Dean of the College of Fine Arts; Virginia L. Owen, Dean of Arts and Sciences; and departmental chairpersons Charles Harris (English) and William Woodson (English, Acting); Louis Oliver (Foreign Languages), William Haddad (History), Frederick Mills (Art), Arthur Corra (Music), and Alvin Goldfarb (Theater). Without their help, neither the meeting nor these Proceedings would have been possible. For the typing of the latter, our heartfelt thanks to Sue Cox Barnes.

We dedicate these Proceedings to Roberta Bux Bosse, our first President.

Mark D. Johnston
Samuel M. Riley