Essays in Medieval Studies, Volume 3

Ruth E. Hamilton and David L. Wagner

Online Editor
Allen J. Frantzen
Editorial Assistant
Christina M. Heckman


Essays in Medieval Studies: Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association (ISSN 1043-2213) is published annually by the Illinois Medieval Association and publishes only papers presented at that year's annual meeting.

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The third annual meeting of the Illinois Medieval Association, held under the auspices of Northern Illinois University, met on February 22, 1986, at the Holmes Student Center in DeKalb. Approximately ninety members attended the meeting. Officers present were

Roberta Bux Bosse, Past President;
Mark Johnston, President;
David Wagner, Vice President;
Robert Kindrick, Executive Secretary;
Norman Hinton and Richard Clement, Advisors.
The meeting was preceded Friday evening by a lecture, co-sponsored by the English department, "Changes in the English Profession--Past and Future," by John H. Fisher of the University of Tennessee. During the Saturday meeting, 38 papers were presented in 12 sessions. At luncheon, Professor Fisher delivered the keynote address, "European Chancelleries and the Rise of Standard Written Languages." The conference concluded with a reception and business meeting. Officers for 1986-1987 are Mark Johnston, Past President
David Wagner, President
Richard Clement, Vice President
Robert Kindrick, Executive Secretary
Norman Hinton, Advisor, and Patricia Hollahan, Advisor
The annual meeting and the publication of these Proceedings would not have been possible without the generous support of Northern Illinois University, especially the President, the Provost, and the Deans of the Graduate School, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and International and Special Programs. For this support we wish to thank Clyde J. Wingfield, John E. La Tourette, Jerrold H. Zar, James D. Norris, Daniel Wit, and James M. Mellard. We also wish to thank the departments of English and History as well as several individuals who contributions greatly aided our efforts: Debbie Booth of the College of Continuing Education, Helen Satterlee of LA&S Word Processing, Carol Grehn of the History Department, Debby Stronsdorfer of Art/Photo, and Don Isley of Printing Services.

We dedicate these Proceedings to Robert L. Kindrick, who has served as Executive Secretary since the founding of the Association.

Ruth E. Hamilton
David L. Wagner