Essays in Medieval Studies, Volume 4

Richard W. Clement

Online Editor
Allen J. Frantzen
Editorial Assistant
Christina M. Heckman


Essays in Medieval Studies: Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association (ISSN 1043-2213) is published annually by the Illinois Medieval Association and publishes only papers presented at that year's annual meeting.

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 The fourth annual meeting of the Illinois Medieval Association was held at the Newberry Library on February 14, 1987. Approximately 100 members attended the meeting. Officers present were David Wagner, President; Richard W. Clement, Vice President; Paul Gehl, Ruth Hamilton, Norman Hinton, Patricia Hollahan, and Mary Ann Klein, Advisors. During the Saturday meeting, twenty-four papers were presented in nine sessions. Preceded by a business meeting, Professor R.B.C. Huygens delivered the keynote address, "Looking for Manuscripts...And Then?" The meeting concluded with a reception and a concert of Early Music from the Newberry Library.

    Officers for 1987-1988 are

Richard Clement President
Mary Ann Klein Vice President
Robert Kindrick Executive Secretary
Paul Gehl Advisor
Ruth Hamilton Advisor
Patricia Hollahan Advisor
David Wagner Past President


The annual meeting and the publication of Essays in Medieval Studies 4 would not have been possible without the generous support of the Newberry Library, the Graduate School of Loyola University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Special thanks for production assistance is due the Department of Special Collections, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas, and especially to Alexandra Mason, Spencer Librarian, for her unstinting support. I wish to thank the local arrangements

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committee in Chicago, Paul Gehl and Ruth Hamilton of the Newberry Library, Marry Carruthers of the University of Illinois, Allen J. Frantzen of Loyola University, and Sandra Hindman of Northwestern University. With my departure from the University of Chicago to the University of Kansas in October 1986, the day-to-day burden of organizing the conference fell to Paul Gehl and Ruth Hamilton. As a token of my gratitude I dedicate this Volume to Paul and Ruth.

Richard W. Clement