Each year IMA hosts a meeting that features paper presentations and keynote addresses by a noted scholars of medieval studies. The 2015 meeting will be held at Saint Louis University in St. Louis. Information on and the call for papers for that meeting are now available. Upcoming and previous meetings and their respective keynote speakers include

2016. Medievalism (Millikin University)

2015. Medieval Narratives (Saint Louis University)
Cynthia Robinson, Professor in Medieval and Islamic Art, Cornell University
John Van Engen, Professor of Medieval History, University of Notre Dame

2014. Seduction: The Art of Persuasion in the Medieval World (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Barbara H. Rosenwein, Loyola University Chicago.

2013. Piety, Ritual, and Heresy: The Varieties of Medieval Religious Experience (Newberry Library) Gary Marcy, Santa Clara University

2012. Re-Making the Classical: Appropriation and Transformation (Northern Illinois University)
Dale Kinney, Emeritus Professor, Bryn Mawr College

2011. Representing the Middle Ages (DePaul University)

James Robinson, British Museum

2010. Joint meeting with the Medieval Association of the Midwest (Dominican University)
Tom Hanks, Baylor University; Robert Hanning, Columbia University

2009. In conjunction with the 2009 Medieval Academy of America meeting (Chicago)

2008. Pilgrimage in the Medieval World (Saint Xavier University)
A.C. Spearing, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of English , University of Virginia

2007. The Medieval City (Eastern Illinois University)
Tours of London in Middle English Poetry, C. David Benson, University of Connecticut

2006. Peace and Power in Medieval Europe (The Newberry Library)

2005. Medieval Identities (Southern Illinois University)
William Marshal, Lancelot, and the Issue of Chivalric Identity, Richard W. Kaeuper, University of Rochester; and
Constructing and Questioning Identity in Medieval Conduct Literature, Roberta L. Krueger, Hamilton College

2004. The Central Ages (Northwestern University)
Should the Middle Ages Be Abolished? Alexander Murray, Oxford University

2003. Texts and Commentaries (DePaul University)
Absent Glosses: A Crisis of Vernacular Commentary in Late-Medieval England?" Alastair Minnis, The Ohio State University

2002. The Politics and Aesthetics of Gender in the Middle Ages (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
"The Limits of Intolerance: Why Medieval Goddesses Were Not Heretical, Barbara Newman, Northwestern University

2001. Gestures, Behaviors, and Emotions In the Middle Ages (The Newberry Library)
Theories of the Passions and the Ecstasies of Late Medieval Religious Women, E. Ann Matter, University of Pennsylvania

2000. Uses of the Past (University of Chicago & Loyola University Chicago)
The West Falls, the East Survives: Reconsiderations about the End of Late Antiquity, Walter Goffart, University of Toronto

1999. X Out of Bounds (DePaul University)
Queer Relations, Carolyn Dinshaw, New York University

1998. Medieval Communities (Eastern Illinois University)
Land, Language, and Memory in Europe, 700-1100, Patrick Geary, UCLA

1997. Popular Piety: Prayer, Devotion, and Cult (University of Illinois-Chicago & Loyola University Chicago)
How Popular was Early Medieval Devotion? Ian Wood, University of Leeds

1996. Social Practice in the Middle Ages (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Coronation as Legible Practice, Paul Strohm, Oxford University

1995. Children and the Family in the Middle Ages (Northern Illinois University
Narratives of a Nurturing Culture: Parents and Neighbors in Medieval England, Barbara Hanawalt, Ohio State University

1994. Figures of Speech: The Body in Medieval Art, History, and Literature (Loyola University Chicago)
Becoming Ethnographic: Reading Inquisitorial Authority in "The Hammer of Witches," Kathleen Biddick, Notre Dame University, and
Figuring Forth the Body of Christ: Devotion and Politics, David Aers, Duke University